Welcome to the Far West NSW Digital Economy Strategy!

Dear Friends of Far West NSW,

In the Far West New South Wales (NSW) region of Australia, we believe the strengths that our community has displayed in the past are the same strengths that can be revitalised with internet technology to drive our future. The digital economy and high speed broadband will provide the foundations for Far West NSW to become a leading region in Australia (and the world) in:

Whilst the region has some social challenges, including disenfranchised low income families, high unemployment, health issues, and disengaged youth, high speed broadband like that delivered by the National Broadband Network (NBN) provides the opportunity to tackle these issues in a variety of new ways. However, unless access to the digital economy is made available to all, there is a danger of a “digital divide” developing.  The Far West NSW region is committed to ensuring that from the outset we build an inclusive strategy that will address the issue of a digital divide. What is more, the processes and strategies built in this region to counter the digital divide can become a blueprint for narrowing the gap throughout regional Australia.

The rollout of high speed broadband presents the Far West NSW region with the best opportunity it has had in generations to develop our businesses and industries, and to support all our residents in the region. We wish to progress our region as a whole and truly commit to building an environmentally and commercially sustainable community. This strategy shares with you how our region intends to capitalise on this exciting new technology.

This strategy document is considered a living, changing document. It’s a digital economy strategy; therefore people can continue to provide feedback on our website (www.digitalfarwestnsw.com.au) by way of the comments section on the bottom of each page.

It is to be acknowledged that this strategy development has been jointly funded by RDA Far West NSW and the Broken Hill City Council. Thanks go to all the local stakeholders and community members who assisted in development of this strategy. We gratefully acknowledge the superior knowledge and understanding of this topic by our chosen subject matter expert, Fergal Coleman of Symphony3.

To begin reading the strategy click here or use the navigation menu above.

Download a pdf version of the strategy below:
FarWest NSW Digital Economy Strategy Booklet (pdf)

We look forward to implementing actions in this strategy.

Yours sincerely

Linda Nadge – Executive Officer            Frank Zaknich – General Manager
RDA Far West NSW                                     Broken Hill City Council

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Far West NSW Digital Economy Strategy!

  1. Bringing the national broadband network to the Far West Region would be the catalyst to vitalise the local economy and create new jobs and opportunities for everyone in the area and beyond. I’m a web developer from the U.K. and have been here in Broken Hill for the past 4 years. I find that the current state of the digital economy Australia-wide reminds me of what it was like 10 years ago back in the U.K., and I feel that Australia is on the brink of a boom for Internet trade, education and professional collaboration.

    The NBN would surely put the people of the Far West Region at the forefront of the digital economy and bring many far-reaching benefits to the community as a whole. As the starter of a new enterprise here in Broken Hill, I think that this strategy will empower the people of this region for the digital age.

    • Thanks Mike. I can agree with you on the great opportunities awaiting this region. In the future there will be no need to live in big, over-crowded cities to do what can be done sitting in our magnificent setting in the outback of Australia. Why battle crowds and traffic, effectively wasting hours of productive time every day, every week, when the same work, the same output can be achieved in a relaxed environment.

      I worked in Papua New Guinea in the 90s and came back to Oz late 90s. I noticed the same ‘backward’ state of technology in Oz at that time too. PNG, a designated third world country, had better technology services than Sydney in the 90s. Regrettably, without the high speed roll out in our region in the very near future, we are at risk of stepping back in time! You are entirely correct about how technology will empower the people in Far West NSW! Lives will change for the better!

      Thanks for your comments Mike.

    • HI Mike,
      Great comments – I think you are right – Europe is certainly ahead in the use of Internet (ecommerce, egovernment etc) . THe issue is to get people in the regions understanding how important the internet is to their future and to demand equity with cities in terms of connectivity speeds

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