Current State and Future Vision

Agriculture is one of the areas where internet technologies can be utilised to great effect. High speed broadband enables the collection of large amounts of data. For agriculture this can be vitally important as it enables better use of scarce resources.

The CSIRO and the University of New South Wales currently have a Smart Farm in operation in Armidale New South Wales.

As the University of New South Wales states on its website:

“The ability to remotely monitor, evaluate and manage much of a farm’s operations has the potential to provide enormous gains around inputs and productivity. Spatially-enabled tools and techniques underpin Sustainable, Manageable and Accessible Rural Technologies, or SMART Farming that will increase crop and pasture yields through better targeting of water and/or fertiliser inputs and increase livestock production through improved animal management and increased pasture utilisation. SMART Farming also offers the means to achieve improved environmental outcomes through highly efficient use of resources; spatially-enabled technologies can reduce the water and carbon footprint of farming.

Broadband connectivity takes SMART Farming to a whole new level. SMART Farmers will be capable of accessing the best, external, operational support informed by contemporary data exported from distributed networks of soil, plant, livestock, machinery and environmental sensors.”

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Consult with major agriculture companies in the region to discuss opportunities due to future access to high speed broadband and suitable actions to be in put in place. Drivers include the Murray Darling Basin Plan (also out for public consultation) and the region’s desire to assist with environmental improvements in the Menindee Lakes and the Darling River RDA Far West NSW ongoing Internal

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