BHCC- Broken Hill City Council

Blogs – a blend of the term “web log”, is a type of website that allows people to access and update with comments and information (like the one we are proposing for our Far West NSW and Broken Hill Digital Economy Strategy on

CLIP – It stands for Centralised Local Information Portal – it is an initiative that has grown from the Schools Business Community Partnership Committee. It is a software development project, home-grown in Broken Hill and Far West NSW, for use amongst community agencies. It will enable improved coordination of resources between agencies (some of which are grant-funded projects servicing the Remote Service Delivery area in Wilcannia) and a search functionality to identify and locate services for specific needs.

Cloud computing – It is the term used to describe the growing tendency to deliver computing services over the internet (mainly software, but also some hardware services like data storage) as in the future we are more likely to access services through third parties.

Crowdsourcing – an open call to people in the community who are able to contribute fresh ideas, help with problem solving, perform tasks

Far West CITIES (Creative Industries and Technology Incubator Enterprise Sites) – It is an RDA Far West NSW initiative that seeks to combine the geographically isolated communities within the Far West of NSW through use of online technologies. There are various phases in the project which take a participating community member from learning about technology and how to use it through to potentially becoming an employee in technology or an entrepreneur in a business focused on technology exploitation. The aim is to facilitate skills development and personal learning, growth and development to enable economic participation.

ICT – information and communication technologies

Internet skills – We use the term ‘Internet skills’ broadly. It includes technical knowledge, digital marketing knowledge, understanding of changing business models and innovation.

IPTV – the delivery of television services using the Internet

QR – quick response. QR codes are like barcodes that can be scanned, for example with a smart phone, to reveal a message, open a webpage, find contact details, and many other uses.

RDA -Regional Development Australia in Far West NSW

Vlogs – like blogs, but encompassing video clips. Coined from the term “video blogging”.

VOIP – the ability to use the Internet for voice communications

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