Creative Industries

The creative industries offer Broken Hill and surrounds an opportunity to develop new industry and business in the region. The skills, expertise and the infrastructure required to develop these industries already in exists in our region. We have broken this section into 3 categories:

The list of actions for all three is listed below.


What do we want to do Why Who will do it When Resources
Develop the Broken Hill Film Studio as a high speed broadband test site. This will show the potential of the internet and kick-start the development of the film precinct. BHCC, RDA Far West NSW ongoing Funding will be actively sought
Undertake a feasibility study into development of a creative business hub in the Film Studio. This will develop a single location for creative professionals to work, meet and collaborate. BHCC ongoing BHCC, RDA Far West NSW to facilitate grant funds.
Continue to collaborate with local artists and organisations to develop an annual arts festival for Far West NSW, and aim to link with Australia’s first solar art exhibition in Broken Hill. An identified project exists and can be promoted via digital marketing. RDA Far West NSW will continue to coordinate, assist, other community groups. ongoing Creating local organising group.

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