Artists and Art Galleries

Current State and Future Vision

Broken Hill and the Far West NSW region is already renowned for world class artists such as the Brushmen of the Bush (please go to  and regional art galleries display works of indigenous artists such as Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Michael Nelson Tjackamarra, and William Sandy. High speed broadband provides an unprecedented opportunity for today’s artists to share their art with a world audience. Broken Hill is known for its cluster of artists, and there is no reason why local artists cannot work more closely together and pool resources to promote Broken Hill and the Far West artists as a collective. This would also entice tourists to the region.

High speed broadband will also make it possible to have artists present to Broken Hill audiences virtually via web conferencing. Bruce Tindale, Manager of the Broken Hill Art Gallery spoke to us at length about the possibilities. In reverse, artists in the Broken Hill area will be able to deliver talks on their work to audiences anywhere in the world via the virtual medium.

Australian Indigenous art is world renowned. High speed broadband will enable virtual art classes to be delivered to students anywhere in the world. This could provide an additional revenue stream to artists who may not earn enough from selling paintings.

With broadband internet, artists will have the opportunity to adapt traditional or classic art skills such as painting and sculpture to newer digital arts. Digital artworks can easily be shared with people from around the world, meaning that artists can show their creations to a much bigger audience. Other communication tools, including internet TV and social media, will enable our Indigenous people to enhance the marketing and development of their art works.

The digital economy will provide an opportunity for some artists to supplement their income by providing graphic design services to local businesses. This will require some reskilling to transfer their artistic skills to a new medium and training courses need to be made available. Acquiring these new skills will allow artists to stay in Broken Hill and also provide additional artistic and creative skills to small business. At present, graphic design skills are not readily available in the area, resulting in a lot of graphic design work being sent to Sydney and Melbourne for completion.

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