Current State and Future Vision

The region will reduce energy use through the use of smart technology devices to become more environmentally friendly. We will use technology to share environmentally friendly farming practices that ensure we protect our land.

Plum Headed Finch - Recently spotted at the Menindee Lakes

Plum Headed Finch - Recently spotted at the Menindee Lakes (Photo by Geoff Looney, 2011)

While the focus of this document is not on environmental benefits, we believe that more environmentally friendly practices will be a by product of the enactment of this digital economy strategy.

With a warming planet, developing sustainable farming in arid regions will become ever more important around the world. Far West NSW has developed expertise in land management in an extremely harsh climate over many decades. This knowledge is becoming increasingly valuable to governments and farmers overseas and as such an opportunity exists to deliver e-learning on land management in arid regions from Broken Hill. Robinson College already delivers this learning in classroom format.

Similarly Smart Farm technology which is currently being trialled in Armidale, NSW, will be rolled out to farms in the coming years. This will improve efficiencies across all farms, ensuring the best use of natural resources.  While these advances will not be unique to the Far West region they will ensure the Far West farms of the future continue to engage practices that benefit the environment.

Protection of the environment also ties in with the broader tourism objectives of the region. A current proposal exists to nominate a part of the Menindee Lakes area as a Ramsar site. If this listing is received, the internet will be a key tool in promoting the lakes as a large tourist attraction. Please read the “Menindee Lakes Economic Assessment Benefit Report March 2011” at http://www.rdafarwestnsw.org.au/default.asp?PageID=WhatsNew .


What do we want to do Why Who will do it When Resources
Use the internet to assist with getting Ramsar listing for the Menindee Lakes – a strategy could be developed that is web-based and provides video footage similar to this report. To promote and protect the unique environment in the area. Also, the new business and employment opportunities for Menindee. RDA Far West NSW continues to work with State and Federal Governments on this initiative ongoing Internal and also not for profit organisations in the region, out of region.
Set-up webcams that showcase some of the region’s beautiful natural attractions to the world. Assist with marketing and promotion for local businesses. RDA Far West NSW will attempt to acquire equipment and find locations with adequate connectivity ongoing We will seek assistance of technology specialists
Contact CSIRO to find out how Smart Farm technology can be utilised in the region. Share knowledge with local horticulturalists. RDA Far West NSW ongoing Internal

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