Central Darling Shire Council

Current State and Future Vision

In developing this part of the strategy, we spoke with Tim Drew, the General Manager for the Central Darling Shire Council and the Mayor, Cr Ray Longfellow. Tim and Ray are based in small, remote towns, Wilcannia and Ivanhoe, and know just how important telecommunications are in these relatively isolated communities.

The technology solution proposed for the greater Far West NSW region is still unknown but it is indicated on maps that satellite is currently proposed. Customers can expect to be able to connect to the NBN satellite by 2015. There are some life shifting changes that will occur but at the same time, there is great need to stop the digital divide phenomenon from evolving.

Actions (To prepare for the NBN roll out)

What do we want to do Link to the National Digital Economy Strategy Who will do it When Resources
Work with BHCC to collaborate, share resources By 2020, it is predicted that 4 in every 5 Australians will choose to engage with government through the internet or other type of online service(http://www.nbn.gov.au/the-vision/digitaleconomystrategy/ ) Councils in Far West NSW ongoing Local councils, Division of Local Government

Note: Actions identified elsewhere in this strategy will equally apply to Central Darling Shire wherever it is possible.

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