The Unincorporated Area of Far West NSW

The Far West NSW Unincorporated Area, including Village Committees in the townships of Tibooburra and Silverton.

Current State and Future Vision

In developing this part of the strategy, we combine the umbrella ideas and objectives of the region and try to make sense of what high speed broadband will mean across our vast landscape, given the likely mix of fibre optic to the premises in Broken Hill and satellite elsewhere in the region. There is also uncertainty about whether or not a fixed wireless service will be made available through the NBN project.


What do we want to do Why Who will do it When Resources
Work with identified partners to collaborate, share resources By 2020, it is predicted that 4 in every 5 Australians will choose to engage with government through the internet or other type of online service( ) Councils in Far West NSW ongoing Local councils, Division of Local Government,
Facilitate access to information about tourism, events and regional initiatives in Tibooburra, White Cliffs, Milparinka and Silverton. Tourism is amongst the largest contributors to the economy in many parts of Far West NSW. Tourists increasingly search for information about their travel plans online, well before arriving at the destination. RDA Far West NSW will work with village committees, councils, tourism organisations to develop online information. ongoing RDA Far West NSW to provide information about grant funds as it becomes available.
Facilitate development of digital engagement possibilities in Silverton to benefit construction of the wind farm, ongoing tourism needs. Hundreds of construction personnel will be involved in the project. Many will demand access to keep in touch with family. RDA Far West NSW will liaise with the Silverton Village Committee to identify any opportunity to provide public access to the internet. ongoing RDA Far West NSW, Silverton Village Committee, others, may seek external funds or other support.

Note: Actions identified elsewhere in this strategy will equally apply to the Unincorporated Area of NSW wherever it is possible.

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