Current State and Future Vision

The mining industry has traditionally been the major source of employment in the region. While this has slowed in the past few decades, mining is still a significant employer in Broken Hill and throughout the region. Major mineral deposits in the area suggest that mining could see growth in the coming years (see the RDA Far West NSW Regional Plan 2011-21 , Economic Update for Far West NSW Nov 2011, .)

The mining sector can utilise high speed broadband in myriad ways that would benefit employees, individual companies and the community at large.  Examples include:

  • Reducing the number of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ employees in the region by using NBN enabled services such as reliable VOIP, IPTV, and online entertainment (games, etc) – these are enhancements that will improve the quality of life for new employees as well as existing permanent residents who currently do not have access to these services because of poor infrastructure;
  • Companies that operate in multiple countries, such as Perilya Ltd, sending large data sets around the world via the internet;
  • Sharing the mining expertise that exists in the community around the world using video conferencing
  • In the longer term, virtual mine tours could be created to help attract tourists to the region as well as virtual tourists
  • Video conferencing and virtual tours could be used to deliver remote education to students around the world, particularly in mining related courses. For example, mineral deposits could be taken from the ground and shown to students around the world

See Perilya’s video clip on how high speed broadband can facilitate employee engagement, operations and improved communications.


What do we want to do Why Who will do it When Resources
IT professionals to form a network to facilitate information sharing on benefits of high speed broadband, assist with removal of barriers to increased use of technology, provide awareness sessions (e.g. cloud services, use of social media). IT professionals to work with the mining industry to find solutions to enable management of large data files, (e.g. exploration and geological data). Education on the benefits of the NBN and internet. Many managers are overly concerned about loss of control, inability to supervise staff, employees wasting time, and fears about data security and privacy. Often manager don’t have the knowledge to make the best ICT decisions for their organisation.Current internet capacity constraints impede efficient data management. Local IT professionals. These are business opportunities for local service providers. ongoing Local IT professionals
Assist with the business to business interface between regional suppliers to mining companies and also procurement from global sources. Some local businesses still use fully manual systems; others need e-commerce support. Local IT professionals ongoing Local IT professionals

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