By 2021, businesses in the Far West NSW region will have the skills and expertise available to them, either within their business or in the community, to enable them to use the internet to run their businesses more efficiently and to expand into new global markets. Furthermore, by developing these internet skills, we envisage new businesses emerging in the region to take advantage of new opportunities presented by the digital economy.

This section has been divided into five business sub-sections and deals with the current challenges and opportunities for each section. The digital economy will provide great opportunities for specialised and unique businesses and the aim of RDA Far West NSW is to build those specialised and unique businesses within our identified clusters (creative industries, mining, tourism and also in remote health, and remote education which are covered in the health and education sectors).

The five sub-sections are:

The resulting business actions are outlined at the conclusion of the detailed sections.

Teleworking is specifically considered in relevant sections. It is a simple concept but we believe it can greatly assist business in Broken Hill and the Far West NSW region. Teleworking includes “work undertaken at home, use of mobile devices in transit or at a different place of business (telecentres)”(Read more at In our region, extensive use of fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out work arrangements has been linked to the decline of population in the region, removal of business and government services from the region, and the general hollowing out of inland Australia as the population seeks to find work and social opportunities in the major coastal urban centres.

Technology (including teleworking) offers our region a solution to this phenomenon and could help to increase availability and retention of skills in the region and facilitate population growth.

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