The Digital Divide

The digital divide has been recognised around the world as a developing phenomenon of the digital economy. Unless the disadvantaged areas of society are included and provided for broadband can increase the gap between the rich and poor. The government rollout of the NBN directly talks about providing broadband access for every person in Australia. This is important as it will give the most remote people in the country equal access to:

  • Heathcare
  • Education
  • Government services
  • And an increasing number of business opportunities

The actions listed in the area for low socio-economic households as well as specific actions in other sections of the document will ensure this digital divide doesn’t develop in our area.

There is more said about human equity issues in the health section. See the video clips from the Chair of the Far West Local Health District in particular.

Listen to the the video clips from the Chair of the Far West Local Health District..

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